The following letter was published  in Florida Today dated Aug 9, 2002.  Thanks to Joan and all others who attended.
Farewell party great evening

By Joan Bixby,
I attended the recent farewell get-together for BabaGurdial Singh Ji, the Indian holy man, hosted by Deepak and Sheila Kapoor. The meeting was open to the public, but few took advantage of the opportunity to meet the Sikh leader and the dedicated members of the Maheshwar Charitable Foundation who assist him in his work. It was a memorable evening. Much of it was spent by candlelight because the storm knocked out a nearby transformer and the lights of the neighborhood. But as the storm raged, the physicians, dentists and other friends of the foundation gathered in Kapoor's living room sharing personal experiences from the various "camps" they have participated in, providing medical assistance to destitute villagers throughout the world. Camps have been established in India and other countries. For example, members of the group recently returned from Tanzania, Africa. It also was interesting to learn about efforts being made to assist local folks who cannot af! ford care. As my dinner companion pointed out, "The group is small, like family." Small with big hearts and pockets. Small, but serving God as he has asked us to do. I was honored to be in the presence of so many holy men and women.